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Human, or maybe just entertained. They raised their weapons toward the tall, loud human. Oh, Lord, give me strength of thy might to drive these foul creatures from our midst. I command thee, demons, be-gone! By God's almighty power, I cast thee out! It was like all the trumpets of heaven blaring. Matti stood dumfounded as haunting, ethereal sound swept over her, around her, through her. It seemed to come from the ceiling, the floor, imobiliare bucuresti the walls, and beyond. And, although the long wailing, warble seemed to reverberate through the church, at the same time it seemed to all be inside her head. But she could tell by the way everyone else behaved that they could all hear it, too. And when it ended, it was like all moving things in the world stopped for a moment. The first movement within the church was from the two invaders, the two demons that had already slaughtered half of the humans that had sought refuge there. They turned and walked back out the way they had come in. No one seemed to be more amazed than Ned Morgan, even if it was only for a moment. He recovered his commanding posture and strode down the aisle to the double doors that still stood full open. After he had looked outside long enough to satisfy himself that the two killers of his flock were, indeed, walking away from his church, he turned back to face the congregation. Those that had survived this most recent slaughter stood facing him, silent and waiting. Hallelujah! Brother Morgan shouted. Again, with his arms upraised, his words rang through the small building, Praised be the Lord, who in His endless wisdom has bestowed upon me, His most humble servant, a great power. Let, now, all transgressors quake in fear, for they, too, shall be cast out! Thunderstruck, Matti stared at the huge man; she had truly witnessed a miracle. His speech had taken on a decidedly biblical element; although, he sounded more like someone trying to sound Shakespearian who didn't really know how. Maybe this was the way preachers spoke when they got really worked up. But Ellie had said he wasn't a preacher. Among the cries of anguish over the various members who had not survived the attack, mumblings and mutterings began to circulate through the reduced throng, and she heard whispered, miracle worker, prophet of God, and Lord's savior. Shivers ran up and down her back as she thought about what had happened. She turned toward the awestruck membership to see what Ellie thought of her bigoted firebrand of a husband but didn't see her. Then she looked back down to where she had lain beneath the large woman's protective mass, and felt her stomach lurch. Ellie still lay there, unmoving. Ellie? she whispered. imobiliare bucuresti Ellie! she screamed. The rest of the group still marveling over what they had seen and heard turned at Matti's cry. By the time the first had moved in closer, Matti had turned Ellie over and was cradling her head. Her hands gently stroked imobiliare bucuresti around the blackened hole just behind Ellie's temple where the laser had burned through. Tears rolled off Matti's chin, landed upon Ellie's face then ran down her bucuresti cheek as though she cried at her own death. Thou, too, bringeth death upon the righteous, oh evil thing. Matti looked up at the words to see Brother Morgan towering over her. Thou spawn of Satan, why must thou seeketh the most innocent imobiliare bucuresti among God's children to work thy imobiliare bucuresti malevolence? He punctuated his words with an accusing finger stabbing at her